Angel Fire, a Christian Romance: Natasha has a desire to rededicate herself to the Lord. God assigns an angel, Abednego, to assist her while Satan assigns Dathan, a demon from hell, to make sure she remains in a backslidden condition. Along the way, she meets the handsome Reverend Joshua Jones, who has been praying to God for a wife. Joshua and Natasha meet for the first time in her hospital room; however, Natasha is involved with Malique, a man, who secretly hates God because of the childhood he endured. Malique notices the immediate attraction to Joshua. Who will she choose? Joshua, the man of God or Malique, the man who provides her with financial wealth and security?

ISBN: 978-0-59517-884-1




Cousins: Since Molanda’s divorce, she has been a virtuous woman in order to retain the respect of her teenage son, Rockean. Secretly, she has been praying to God for her Boaz. Unbeknown to Molanda, the good Reverend Isaac Joshiea has come to town on a mission. As he takes the pulpit and places his Bible on the podium he scans the congregation and his eyes rest upon Molanda - he is moved. He asks God for confirmation as their eyes lock. Her jealous sister, Neola, watches Molanda shift her full hips in her seat as she begins to fan herself. Noticing Molanda’s reaction, Neola believes that the Reverend could possibly take her sister away from her. Neola survives off of the love, affection and attention that Molanda dotes upon her at all costs. No, she wasn’t quite sure she was ready to share Molanda regardless of how long her sister had been without a man. Neola knew she would have to devise a plan to get the Reverend’s attention off of Molanda and on to her and whatever way Neola needed for that to happen she didn’t have a problem with...

ISBN: 978-0-59501-186-5




Deja Vu Desires: Devina is a 25-year old virgin consumed by the vision of her veiled prince. One day while she is leaving work, Devina accidentally bumps into a man who catches her in his strong arms, preventing her from falling. Devina is stunned by the familiarity of his strong, yet lilting Caribbean voice asking if she is okay. She is unable to respond because she is captivated by the love, passion, and desire she sees in his light brown eyes - - her body flushed with heated arousal as her skin remembers his sensual touch; her senses heightened as she inhales the euphoric scent of his cologne. As she gazes deeply into his familiar eyes, inhales his fresh breath and swallows bits of what seems to be his very essence, Devina wonders if her years of fantasizing have finally collided with her reality.

ISBN: 978-0-59527-549-6




Them's Eve's Daughter's: Eve and Don Paul shared a forbidden love over nineteen years ago in Mississippi.  Through their children, Samantha and Blaine, they are reunited. Upon sight of one another they reminisced of the love they once shared.  A love, if reunited, could cause the down fall of both their futures.

ISBN: 978-0-59513-606-3



Letters: Irene and Shelly are sisters. Irene watches helplessly as her sister continues to live in an abusive relationship with a wealthy orthodontist. Irene thinks her sister could use a pen pal to brighten her day, but Shelly is against it. She’s too frightened that Kenneth, her husband, will find out. Irene decides to pursue the pen pal herself, but what she uncovers while they correspond will change her life forever.

ISBN: 978-0-59518-687-7


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